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  • Je porte mon bébé baby carrier
  • Je porte mon bébé baby carrier


Je porte mon Bébé Black Blue Baby Scarf Carrier


Baby scarf carrier made of cotton lycra elastane, which creates a smooth and flexible yet resistant carrier.
The scarf can be tied four different ways (belly to belly, cradle style, on the hip and in the back). As the material is soft and stretchy, this allows for making the knot only once in order to slide or remove the baby safely and easily.
The material is extremely hygenic as well as ecological (dyes and treatments without heavy metals, certified Ökotex 100).
Its length (5 meters) allows for any sized person to tie the knot easily in order to carry a baby or toddler. Its large width, also allows for baby to be covered as much as necessary.
There is a small front pocket of contrasting color which can be used to slide stuffed animals, pacifiers, etc. ...
This comes with a detailed Instruction booklet on the methods of knotting.

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Why do we like this product ?
A brilliant invention, this original carrier, often copied, is never as good as this one! I've used this carrier on the metro in place of the stroller until my son Lalo was two years of age. It's easy to slip your child in and out without the risk of your child falling and dragging the tails of the scarf in the street. It's ideal for motherhood in the early days to practice skin to skin and start feeding. Its muted colors go well with everything and also give everyday wear a contemporary style.
One size. 5 meters by 70 cm
Suitable from birth to 15 kg.
95% Cotton 5% Lycra Spandex
Machine wash at 40 °

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